Decorative Glass - Color Coated Glass

US Color Glass is a leading company specializing in the manufacturing paint -coated color glass for 15 years in the United States.
Back Painted glass has been on the rise, while becoming very popular material for commercial and residential  applications.
Our Color Glass is of highest quality and is proven by ASTM & SAE lab test in both weathering and adhesion test with excellent results.
  The XGP Paint is a  Lead-Free  Oil base paint  specially  manufactured for glass , wood , plastic, and metal surfaces  and our own elite additive
allows the paint to bond the surfaces almost permanently.

  The XGP- One  Coating System is  very efficiently designed  to achieve  clients various requirements and request with impressively short lead time
such as,  Tempering, Fabricating, Edgeworks, laminating,  Custom color-made , print-designed. .etc....

  Please browse this site to learn more about  our back coated glass and other specialty glass products that we offer.

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