Decorative Glass - Color Coated Glass

· Are you searching for alternate materials for your kitchen area or bath?

· Searching for something more contemporary than ceramic and granite tile?

· Want to put color to these surfaces?

US Color Glass has the answer, color coated glass. We have 20 standard colors and are capable of customized color matching. This Coating system can be used to regular glass and also any of our distinctive glass styles. Lighten up your home with colored shower surrounds, backsplashes or countertops; let your thoughts run wild.

Advantages of Using US Color Glass in your Next Project

· Ease of set up, very similar to mirror applications.

· 15+ year track record in the industry of outstanding performance

· Great adhesion, ASTM tested.

· Durable - 10 Year Warranty against cracking, fading and peeling.

· Selection, custom coloring available, standard colors, can be used to any of our color coated glass pattern.

For a long time, decorative glass manufacturers have worked carefully in the quest to devise a procedure to permanently bond color to glass. US Color Glass has obtained this breakthrough with a revolutionary agent that is combined with color compounds to make a long lasting, colorfast finish.

Colors can be mixed with any kind of our textured glass for countless design options. Our decorative glass in USA can simply be combined with materials just like wood, metal or stone to make environments from modern day and sleek to classic prairie-inspired designs.

US Color Glass gives a unique option for many interior applications just like

· Backsplashes

· feature walls

· shower surrounds

· countertops for bath and kitchen

· cabinetry

· doors

· and more

Our Glass marker board has been designed to increase visibility and offer a long-lasting life, free of staining or ghosting, even permanent marker can simply be removed.

Our glass marker board is manufactured using tempered protection glass to approve strength and safety. They are 5-7 times stronger than your common piece of glass, creating them virtually strong.